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Leaky faucets and pipes can lead to the wastage of water and money both at the same time. Presque Isle Plumbing & Heating is pleased to provide the complete range of plumbing services for your home and commercial building. Dealing for years in the plumbing and heating industry, we are well known plumbers Erie, PA. So, if you are an Erie resident and are looking for repairs regarding your clogged toilet in Erie, PA, drainage pipes repair/installation or any other plumbing service, then you can rely on Presque Isle Plumbing to complete the job.


Though you will find many plumbing companies in Erie, the plumbing services that are offered by us are second to none.
Here are some main features of our services:

24 hour emergency services
There is no telling when your drainage system will encounter problems or when the faucets in your bathroom will start leaking. In such a case, you will be looking for an emergency plumber in Erie, PA to prevent worsening any conditions. We understand this situation and thus, take pride in delivering 24 hour emergency plumbing services.

In addition to the emergency needs, there is also another situation which may require you to hire a company out of their working hours. This situation is your busy schedule. But, you are not required to worry as we are always there to provide you the professional plumbing services. Whether it is holiday or an eve, feel free to call us anytime, 814-297-1616

Highly talented staff
We at Presque Isle Plumbing & Heating have highly talented and experienced staff to provide you the required plumbing service in Erie, PA. All our technicians have undergone the sufficient training and are licensed to deliver their efficient and expertise service. It has been years that we have delivered our services to the Erie community and neighboring areas, therefore we are aware of all the problems that a drainage system could encounter over time.

Services to exceed your expectations
We are fully confident about our services. No matter whether you need a simple pipe installation and repair for those cracked, leaky pipes or hot water tank repair Erie, PA; our technicians will really exceed your expectations. They will bring the 100% accuracy in the task. Before starting the work, our experts will consult with you about the problem and the possible solutions. Only after getting your approval for the particular solution they will begin working on it.

Affordable plumbing services
There is no doubt that different plumbing contractors in Erie, PA have their own rates for these services. Not to mention the quality of their services also varies as much as the rates do. You will be glad to know that Presque Isle Plumbing & Heating aims at providing the best, satisfactory and accurate plumbing solutions only at affordable rate.

Timely services
All of our HVAC technicians are well known to the importance of timely services. We, at Presque Isle Plumbing & Heating, have separate staff to perform the plumbing as well as the heating and air conditioning tasks. In addition, we have sufficient staff to handle multiple projects at a time, so you have no need to worry. It does not matter if when you are call us we will ensure to reach at your location at the given time and deliver you quality and affordable plumbing Erie, PA.

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