Plumbing failures, electrical problems and HVAC issues are just inconveniences and can pose serious health, environmental as well as fire or electrocution hazards. If you live in a modern home, it’s likely that your plumbing and HVAC systems will require repair and improvement over time.

From plumbing services to electrical repair, you definitely need to stay atop your home’s routine repair and maintenance with the help of a reliable professional; Presque Isle Plumbing & Heating Company.

Whether looking for drain service in Erie, PA, expert air conditioning (service, repair, installation) or 24 hour emergency plumbers, Presque Isle Plumbing is here to offer complete Plumbing and HVAC services customized to fully meet your needs. We help you stay comfortable and restore that comfort quickly when a problem arises.


As one of the best Erie, PA plumbing companies, we perform a complete range of plumbing services which include pipe (repair, installation, replacement) Erie, PA, drain cleaning in Erie, PA as well as repair and maintenance of clogged drains and clogged toilets in Erie, PA.

We also house Certified Erie, PA 24 hour emergency plumbers that deliver to the highest quality control standards. From routine drips and leaks to major pipe, sink and toilet repairs, we are the plumbing company to call for fast and reliable plumbing services in Erie, PA.

Are you having HVAC malfunctions and looking for the #1 Erie, PA heating contractors or cooling contractors in Erie, PA? Go no further! Presque Isle Plumbing & Heating is one of the leading Erie, PA heating and cooling contractors that specializes in water heaters (installation, repair, replacement) Erie, PA.

Our highly trained and expert technicians use cutting edge technology to assess, recommend and implement energy efficient and cost-effective plan that leaves your heating or cooling system running at peak performance. In need of Erie, PA furnace repair services too? We offer that as well at affordable rates.

Call today and see why Presque Isle Plumbing & Heating provides unmatched solutions when it comes to heating and cooling in Erie, PA.

Air Conditioning
Looking for 100% customer satisfaction, on-time service, guaranteed workmanship, highly trained technicians, convenient scheduling and clean, courteous and professional air conditioning (service, repair, installation) in Erie, PA? This is it! Presque Isle Plumbing & Heating is the premier AC repair, installation and maintenance in the region.

Our Air Conditioning Services focus on ensuring that your space is as comfortable as it should especially during the intense summertime heat. Enjoy the convenience of air conditioning with our prompt and reliable Erie, PA air conditioning (service, repair, installation).

Has your air conditioner let you down when summer temperatures are rearing their ugly heads up? Don’t sweat it! Call in the heating and cooling Erie, PA professionals to service, repair or install a reliable air conditioner that will run more efficiently and provide you with superior comfort and cooling economically.

If we sound like one of the best Erie, PA cooling contractors you’ve been looking for? Call Presque Isle Plumbing & Heating now. We are the top air conditioning service, repair and installation company in the entire Pennsylvania availing 24/7 emergency services to your convenience.

Water Heaters
Your water heater is so convenient until you get hit with a chilly shower or puddle in your basement. And it gets you thinking: Repair or replace. That’s where Presque Isle Plumbing & Heating comes in.
Heating components on your electric hot water heater often fail and repairing or replacing them requires a professional. Whether conventional, tankless, hybrid heat pump or solar water heater systems, we are skilled and well-equipped to fix any potential contingency.

When you rely on Presque Isle Plumbing & Heating for water heaters (installation, repair, replacement) Erie, PA, expect a water heater expert to show up and troubleshoot, repair or determine the best part or water heater for your home and budget.

We offer a 24-hour emergency water heater service, so you can enjoy your hot shower again the soonest possible—same day.

So, does your water heater need a quick inspection, repair or replacement? Call us today to schedule same-day water heaters (installation, repair, replacement) in Erie, PA.


Indeed, there’s no plumbing, heating, air conditioning or water heater problem that our expert technicians can’t solve for you. We offer these and more services to ensure you live comfortably in your home. Get in touch with our competent professionals for your next:

  • Air Quality needs
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Sewer & Drain Services
  • Backflow Prevention
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Excavating

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